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From Everything.Sucks (originally known as Ask Jeeves) is a question answering–focused e-business founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California.

Donnie shared her experience: " I feel like I'm being 'driven nutty'. When I first heard about Ask Jeeves, I thought, Great! Finally, there's a site that will give you quick answers to any question! All you have to do is type in your question and a response comes up on the next screen. It's that easy! Right? WRONG!! What this site does is give you endless categories from which to choose hoping you'll eventually find your answer. More than likely, you'll get so frustrated, you'll give up and look elsewhere. For example: I asked a simple question: How did Wall Street get its name? I'd gotten about 56 possible answers - NONE of which had to do with the origin of the name - only the financial aspect of Wall Street. Checking another site, I found my answer."


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Manager, Search Engine Marketing (Former Employee) says

"When a company is going downhill, and on a landslide, its a bad idea to remain there. Constant layoffs, bad work culture. Toxic."

Unix Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Lack of Empathy and focus on perks not cultural diversity, false hope about job security or stability, a lot of people got layoffs after year with this company, is a recurrent strategy here, but they kept everything under wrap. Cons: No job security."

Advisor (Former Employee) says

"They hire you telling you you can work your own schedule either chat or phone but once you are on board they begin nagging you about more phone time and start texting and nagging you to take calls so it was not as he was portrayed to be. Cons: Micromanaging of Independent Contractors is a bit much"

Editor (Former Employee) says

"ASK was a fun, yet really slipshod operation in the era - terrible management. Not a place for career growth, but a very fun place to work at that moment in time."

Web Developer (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this business in the past but have found it unfulfilling and wouldn't recommend it to potential job seeker. I worked there as a contract employee."

Sr. Software Developer Application (Former Employee) says

"As it has been changed a lot since, the previous experience was not great. There was no code ownership, or review. Short scrum jumping from one problem to another, no telecommute days. At least with my direct management. Offshore team with "why we need OOP?" attitude had more influence than local team. This work is good for people who do not care about product they do and the job. Cons: salary, vacation, management"

Director of Ad Production / Product Management (Former Employee) says

"Very quirky search engine company. We did lots of great things and made lots of mistakes. Management never understood the adverting revenue model, which was their downfall. Google did understand it."

Automation Architect (Current Employee) says

"Learnings :-"

Sea Q says

"If I could leave a 0 no stars I would. I've tried service 3 times. Once for 2 antiques, once for a painting and now your veterinary emergency service. Truly the biggest waste of money and ! They ran my card for 3 months last time. tonight I couldn't even get a call back I want my money back and to never have to see you again or use your services you rip people off and the service is Ridiculous"

sandra petersen says

" used to be a helpful answer to any question. In my experience, no longer. It's become the most irritating smorgasbord of advertisinadvertising with nary an answer in sight. Ask you should be ashamed perverting a good thing to trash for cash. Shame"

Adam Adam says


swedeberry says

"BAD BAD BAD - Ask took over my browser. I am sure it was my fault. Perhaps I was too quick to click OK when I was downloading something else. But it was like a virus took over. Not only was it now my default search engine, but I was unable to choose any other search engines. All the choices went away, no other engines in the drop-down, restore button grayed out, add new search engine disabled, the works. Had to contact support to fix it. Now this is making me question my browser, how could it be that vulnerable? So often the internet makes me sad thinking of all the evil people out there trying to rip me off or just cause me headaches for fun. Oh, also, WORST SEARCH ENGINE EVER! - The results were like the opposite of what I was actually looking for. And way too many of the sites listed were irrelevant and trying to sell something instead of give me the information I needed. It's just the kind of stuff that make you fell icky and violated. Plus, the help link at the bottom of the page, not working. ASK SUCKS BIG TIME!"

Linda says

"Stunningly unhelpful. Beyond annoying. Is there any way to make it stay away from my searches? That I might even pay for?"

Barbars says

"Rang to ask for advice on getting a certain computer charger. Was redirected to a lawyer site, which did not repond. I paid my $34 fee, And got no response from Andy. I connected again and was going to be charged another $34 fee and get to speak to the deaf Andy again. Still unsure Andy is the lawyer or the computer technician. I am going to attempt to get my money back. Perhaps I could connect with a lawyer through ask .com."

Geo Johansen says

"The Worlds most useless seach !!"

okdone says

"So as I was going through many well wishing emails and text messages from friends Christmas Eve evening, a message pops up at about 6PM, you have a "credit change"; i go into my credit watching account, with no claims, never having one and always excellent credit; they show up as being the ones evil and nasty enough, thinking I would ruin perfect credit, no requests from them or their incompetent clients, a "medical clinic" "agent care clinic" called ME MedExpress Urgent Care VA on 21054A Timberlake Road in Lynchburg, Virginia, who I would never go to again, many forms which apparently the "doctors" do not read before prescribing prednizone for a rash, which did nothing but create a problem with my other meds listed on their forms, so after getting worse and other problems, my cancer drs told me it was not to be taken with my other meds and would not fix the problem anyway, my time with the "dr" was about 5-7 minutes and the fee was US$275.00 twice the price of seeing my primary care dr...who knows my needs, but they claimed to be the convenient, quick, affordable solution, I can not afford medical incompetence, pice gauging, and the not hearing from them either, assuming my costly insurance covered it, getting a Christmas Eve gift from these unethical, incompetents. They never sent a statement requesting payment, but slam you on the most sacred of times, mudding a perfect credit record, after dealing with drs regularly since my cancers some 25 years now with its concomitant problems, and NEVER being treated like this nor "enjoying" a ding on my credit. Both this credit agency and their client ME should be shut down, certainly avoided, be sure to complain to the BBB, Yelp, and the state Insurance Commission and your State Attorney General."

Glynno Carter says

"... not as good as google I'm afraid. Google is Goodgle."

Lenny Irving says

"It is ok, but it only serves to prove Google's No.1"

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